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    ​Reducing Alcohol Related Harm​

  • Welcome to Reducing Alcohol Related Harm website

    Welcome to RARHA website

    Reducing Alcohol Related Harm

  • Welcome to Reducing Alcohol Related Harm website

    Welcome to RARHA website

    Reducing Alcohol Related Harm​



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Alcohol is the 3rd risk factor for disease and death in the European Union.  The direct costs through healthcare, crime, policing, accidents and productivity losses were €155 billion in 2010.  The EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm identifies common priorities, including the need to develop common evidence base and monitoring, and the need to inform and raise awareness on alcohol related harm. These are instrumental for the priorities to protect children, young people and the unborn child, to reduce harm among adults and to reduce harm due to drink driving. The prevalence of harmful drinking was chosen as one key indicator for monitoring progress against the EU strategy.
RARHA, funded by the European Union under the second EU Health Programme, is a 3 years action aiming at supporting  Member States to take forward work on common priorities in line with the EU Alcohol Strategy and strengthen Member States’ capacity to address and reduce the harm associated with alcohol.
Member States will be mobilised to take-up of common survey methodology to obtain comparable data for monitoring progress in reducing alcohol related harm at national and EU level and for benchmarking national developments against wider trends. 
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  • RARHA SEAS dataset - availability and publication
    14 Jun 2021
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    04 Jun 2021
    This document arises from the Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA) and from the Deep SEAS project which have received co-funding from the European Union Health Programme​​​
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  • Good Practice Platform
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    Lisbon, 25. October.2017
    Pavilion 5 - Room 5B - 12:45 -14:15

  • Healthy work environments, active health and disease prevention at workplace
    Gulbenkian Foundation auditorium 3, Lisbon, Portugal
    08-09 June 2017
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  • ​European Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm - Share the Results

  • Drinking cultures in Europe are still highly diversified; RARHA SEAS study reports from 19 European countries.

 Key Messages

  • ​Europe has the highest shares of drinkers and the highest levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm.
  • All European countries are affected by alcohol consumption and related harm, although with different levels and patterns of consumption.
  • Wide participation in RARHA reflects the importance accorded by European countries to a solid knowledge base for public health policies to reduce alcohol related harm.


    The Coordination has full responsibility  to ensure that the Joint Action is implemented according  to the grant agreement, is also responsible for the technical and financial management of the action.
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    The Associated  Partners are the main actors of the Joint Action, for which their costs are borne and to which they contribute financially; they coordinate with the main partner appropriate arrangements for the proper performance of the action.
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    The Collaborating  Partners follow the work done and may significantly increase the technical and scientific content of the Joint Action, as well as its relevance for different users in the Union, not receiving any EU funding.
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